Our Products
The Delinut Range of products are dry roasted to perfection using our proprietary FOST technology without any added oil. The flavours are made from natural sources.

    • 80 gm Pouch
      Sizzling Chilli Pepper Onion Naturally Natural Tangy Chilli Garlic Peppy Pepper
         Simply Salty         Heavenly Honey
    • 150gm Tin
      Simply Salty Heavenly Honey           Tangy Chilli Garlic                Pepper Onion                Peppy Pepper
      Naturally Natural
    • 200 gm Pouch
      Tangy Chilli Garlic Pepper Onion Sizzling Chilli Naturally Natural Peppy Pepper
      Simply Saulty
    • 400gm Tin
      Naturally Natural Simply Salty Sizzling Chilli Peppy Pepper Tangy Chilli Garlic
    • 500 gm Pouch
      Naturally natural Simply Salty Peppy Pepper Tangy chilli Garlic Heavenly Honey  
      Sizzling chilli
    • 900 gm Tin
      Naturally Natural Simply Salty Sizzling Chilli Tangy Chilli Garlic Peppy Pepper
    • 80 gm
      Smoked Salted
    • 200 gm
      Smoked Salted

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